Grow your online presence

Use the right strategies to bring in new customers.

Our social media programs are designed to grow your brand’s online presence effectively. We help you establish trust and build relationships with you current and your prospective customers. The benefits of using a powerful social media strategy include increased brand awareness and website traffic, lead generation, improved Google rankings, reputation management, and customer service.

Our approach to social media marketing.

  • Discover.

  • Create.

  • Schedule.

  • Measure.

During the initial phase, our team will conduct an audit of your current social media efforts. We’ll also find out who’s talking about you, where your audience is hanging out and what opportunities exist for you and your brand. We will meet with you to discuss your goals, creating a customized strategy that will reach your target audience on the right social media channels. Your audience is waiting, we need to direct them towards you.

Once we have done our homework, it’s time to optimize your social platforms. If not already done, we set up your channels, install web analytics and work with our web design team to ensure cross-promotion on your site through your social media. Our Social Marketers work closely with our SEO team to ensure we are creating content that not only increases traffic but brings value to your readers.

After our discovery process where we define our target audience and optimize the social platforms, we kick off your social media strategy. Through social media management and advertising opportunities, we propel your social pages into your audience’s news feeds. Your content will be laid out in the form of a calendar to ensure the right content is being released at the right times.

We are constantly reviewing data, watching social trends, and staying up to date on the latest and greatest tools and strategies for social media. We run reports on a weekly basis so that we have an understanding of what is happening in with your social accounts. On a monthly basis we tabulate and share results so that you understand the data we are using to make adjustments to the strategy.

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Social Media Marketing requires sharp thinking and a dedicated team that is constantly adapting to new technology and strategies. If you want to work with a firm committed to staying on the cutting-edge, send us a message now.