You probably already know how important content is for your business, but have you taken it a step further and created a formal content marketing strategy? If not, you’re not alone. But considering the fact that 72 percent of successful content marketers attribute that success to their content marketing strategy, it’s becoming clear that the ones who truly make their mark are serious about documenting their approach.

There are a number of ways a formal content marketing strategy can benefit your business. First, it will help you to get and stay organized. It’ll also help to ensure that your content is produced and published on a consistent basis. Content marketing that isn’t documented like this makes it easy to lose track and fall behind, which can cost you credibility and repeat web traffic from your audience.

Most importantly, a formal content strategy will also help you identify exactly who it is you’re trying to reach and what matters most to them. This will enable you to produce the kind of quality content that not only addresses their needs and resonates with them, but also helps you perform better in the search engines.

Thankfully, developing an effective content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a painstaking task. It doesn’t even have to take a great deal of time. What it does take is the right approach – a proven strategy that is easy to implement and will get you the results you’re after. This article from Entrepreneur contains a quick and easy exercise that you can go through to create a simple content marketing strategy.

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